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    Chen, Yifan; 0000-0003-3236-3853 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2022-07-20)
    In this thesis, two main topics are presented: new protein pKa value prediction methodology and mechanism of selectivity of a bacterial voltage gated sodium channel NavMs. Regarding the first topic, I present four tree-based ...
  • No Last Men: The Conservative Critique of Instrumental Reason in Nietzsche, Weber, and Schmitt 

    Carmel, Samantha Lynne; 0000-0001-8861-0943 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2022-07-22)
    This dissertation traces a conservative current in the critique of instrumental reason between Friedrich Nietzsche, Max Weber, and Carl Schmitt. In contrast to the resignation of its counterpart in the postwar Frankfurt ...
  • Hyphenated Identities: Taiwanese Churches and Transnational Identity Formation 

    Lung, Shirley Michelle; 0000-0001-8819-0299 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2022-07-20)
    This dissertation examines the formation, development, and relationships among three Taiwanese-in-name churches located in the United States and Taiwan: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT), the Evangelical Formosan ...
  • Stability Of Quermassintegral Inequalities 

    VanBlargan, Caroline G; 0000-0001-9002-7511 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2022-07-20)
    In this thesis, we study stability in the quermassintegral inequalities for nearly spherical sets. Our work studying stability in the quermassintegral inequalities is inspired by results that established a quantitative ...
  • The Perception of Possibility 

    Guan, Chenxiao; 0000-0001-8378-3212 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2022-07-20)
    Things could be different than they are now. The capacity to grasp this fact is a remarkable achievement of our minds, which are capable of representing not only how the world actually is, but also how it could be at some ...

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