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  • Baltimore Harbor 1912 

    Schaefer, J.H. (Baltimore: J.H. Schaefer & Sons, 1912)
    1 photographic print; 16 x 59 cm.
  • City of Baltimore 

    Martenet, Simon J.; Gray, Ormando W.; Walling, Henry F. (Baltimore: Martenet, 1873)
    1 map; 39 x 58 cm.; Scale: ca. 1:20,600. This is map p.35-36 in Martenet's "New Topographical Atlas of the State of Maryland and the district of Columbia", 1873.
  • Maryland Baltimore Quadrangle 

    Wilson, Herbert; Hall, William Carvel; McNair, E.L. (Washington, DC: U.S. Geological Survey, 1904)
    1 map colored; 45 x 35 cm.; Scale: 1:62,500. This is the Feb. 1904 edition reprinted April 1911. Verso: Text titled "Description of the Topographic Map of the United States".
  • Co-opetition in Service Clusters with Waiting-Area Entertainment 

    Xuchuan Yuan, Tinglong Dai, Lucy Gongtao Chen, Srinagesh Gavirneni
    Problem Definition: Unoccupied waiting feels longer than it actually is. Service providers operationalize this psychological principle by offering entertainment options in waiting areas. A service cluster with a common ...
  • View of Baltimore City 

    Bohn, Casimir; Sachse, E (Ithaca, NY: Historic Urban Plans, 1967)
    1 color view; 46 x 70 cm.; This is a 1967 reproduction of the 1850 original by E. Sachse & Co. "This is number 292 of an edition limited to 500 copies" appears on the map.

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